Social Media “How To” Links – Articles worth reading

It has been a few days – busy days thankfully – and I wanted to take a moment to share some of the articles that I believe will be of value as you work on establishing or perfecting your internet presence.

BlogIf you are wondering how to get your organization’s blog up and running – take a look at this article from Mashable:
Mashable – How To: Create a Successful Company Blog

Do you ever wonder how things can be FREE?  Seth Godin’s got some perspective and insight for us all – especially important reading for those of us in sales and management.
Seth Godin – Open buying and open selling

For those of you interested in having an email address with your own domain name (i.e., Google has a free alternative if you can do with less than 50 separate mail boxes.
How to Set Up Google Mail Across a Small Company by Joe Moreno

If you have a blog and want to get people to notice your older posts – here is some good advice:
ProBlogger – 5 Tips for Getting Readers Viewing Your Old Blog Posts

Should you ever go back and edit/modify your old posts?  Here are some good thoughts on that:
ProBlogger – Why Update Old Blog Posts?

Take a moment and drop me a line or a comment and let me know if you like these reading lists.

Make it a great day!

HOW TO: Create a Successful Company Blog


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