How time flies . . . 2010 to 2015

It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve posted on this blog . . . candidly I forgot it existed.

A lot has changed and my blessings have been innumerable. Here’s a short list . . .

In 2010 I founded Valorous Circle LLC – a Grand Rapids based web design firm. Since then I convinced my wife to join me (I’m the creative/dreamer, she’s the organized/get things done person) and we’ve added four others to our team that serves small and mid-sized organizations in and throughout Michigan. In the process – I moved most of my personal blogging to

Feel free to check back here as I do intend to post some updates and photos. Also feel free to check out Valorous Circle and

My newest project is one designed to promote the amazing brewing and wine industries in Michigan. is all about the industries of brewing, distilling and wine making in Michigan. Check it out and give me your feedback . . . it’s brand new!



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